Aftercare Program

An aftercare program provides continuing support and guidance to a person in early recovery from addiction. The first months after leaving rehab are typically the most difficult. Studies show that about 40 to 60 percent of people relapse within the first six months after treatment.

The purpose of aftercare programs is to help a person transition from the secure environment of a rehab facility to the demanding and stressful routine of daily life. At Supreme Wellness Recovery, we provide a variety of aftercare services to help clients gain a sense of purpose to aid in continued sober living.

What Is Involved in
Aftercare Treatment for Addiction?

Supreme Wellness Recovery’s aftercare program helps patients develop the discipline and accountability vital for maintaining sobriety. The program seeks to establish a balance between structure and freedom in your pursuit of recovery.

Newly sober people who don’t have a strong support system can benefit from aftercare services. Supreme Wellness Recovery’s compassionate staff and counselors are available any time to offer encouragement or advice if needed.

Participation in the various meetings and activities helps newly sober people gain confidence and feel stronger in achieving their life goals. The components of an aftercare program include counseling sessions, life skills classes, recreational activities, and more.

An aftercare program also offers services to help a person find employment, choose a sober living facility, get their GED, and arrange daycare and transportation if needed.

What Is Sober Living?

When a person leaves rehab, they may struggle to adapt to daily life. The stress of managing everyday responsibilities often leaves them feeling overwhelmed. They may think about resuming substance use as a coping mechanism without a strong support system.

Supreme Wellness Recovery’s sober living residence program can help a person gradually adjust to being back in the demanding role of a responsible, self-sufficient individual. It is a safe, substance-free environment that encourages residents to develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms.

What Are Different Types of Sober Living?

Sober living homes are also referred to as halfway houses or transitional housing. They may differ in the amenities offered, but the underlying goal is to provide support and structure for a person in early recovery.

The options available for sober living include:

  • 12-Step programs
  • Sober living apartments
  • Sober dorms
  • Sober living houses

How long can you live in a halfway house?  People may only need to remain in the facility for a few months, which is the ultimate goal. However, people can stay for six to nine months or more, depending on the facility.

What Is Expected of Someone Who Enters a Sober Living Residence?

Residents of Supreme Wellness sober living facilities are encouraged and expected to become self-reliant at one point. They are required to apply for jobs, attend counseling, participate in group meetings, pay a small amount of rent, and participate in daily housekeeping chores.

Being accepted into a sober living home is dependent on following specific rules:

  • Random drug and alcohol screening
  • No alcohol, drugs, or violence on the premises
  • No overnight guests
  • Participation in support group meetings
  • Engagement in work, school, or an outpatient program
  • Payment (guest dues or rent) on time

A sober living residence provides an affordable, structured environment for people in early recovery. They allow residents to maintain their freedom, but some level of supervision is necessary.

How Do Recovery Houses Work?

Supreme Wellness’s sober living homes (or recovery houses) allow residents to come and go as they please. However, most of our facilities have a designated curfew.

The rules are not intended to make a person feel restricted or controlled. But they are necessary for keeping residents accountable.

Sober living homes provide different levels of support that include:

  • Level 1 – Peer operated homes with minimal rules
  • Level 2 – Monitored by paid staff
  • Level 3 – Supervised by certified staff
  • Level 4 – Service provider with credentialled staff

Some sober living residences offer unique features, such as co-ed housing or integrated IOP centers. The core skills learned in sober living homes include learning to live with others, budgeting, time management, behavioral control, and accountability.

The structure of the program allows residents to progress through different phases of increasing independence. The restrictive phase focuses on the basics of living in a sober community. The reintroduction phase enables a person to add personal responsibilities.

Lastly, the self-sufficiency phase gives residents more opportunities to make independent decisions.

Aftercare Program at Supreme Wellness Recovery

At Supreme Wellness Recovery, we provide a full continuum of care to give clients the best chance of achieving long-term sobriety. We realize the importance of continuing support in the early days of recovery. Patients find it easier to reintegrate into the community after treatment with our aftercare services.

To ensure that we serve everyone who needs treatment, we have a facility in Bucks County, PA. We are in-network with most major insurance providers to help provide affordable, effective treatment.

Learn more about our programs and services today. Contact us at Supreme Wellness Recovery to start your healthier, substance-free lifestyle.


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