Individual Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Recovery from substance use disorders is about much more than mere abstinence. Individual therapy is a time-tested and evidence-based approach that can help you identify your triggers and address deep emotional conflict. It can also help you determine what you want most out of life then help you achieve it.

At Supreme Wellness Recovery, we prioritize individual therapy for all of our clients, knowing that it can help you overcome your addiction and lead a better life in recovery.

Why Is Individual Therapy So Important in Addiction Recovery?

Individual therapy has several advantages over group therapy or medication options in some instances. The key benefits of individual therapy include:

  • A deeply personal treatment experience
  • Extended focus on issues that matter the most to you
  • Identification of unique stressors and triggers
  • Providing insight into troubling behaviors or thought patterns

Individual therapy at Supreme Wellness Recovery can go more in-depth than any other treatment option. We customize treatment to your exact needs.

In addiction treatment at Supreme Wellness Recovery, individual therapy has decades of research and clinical experience that prove tremendously beneficial. There are countless reasons why people misuse substances, and individual therapy can help you identify your particular challenges and help you overcome them.

Insights gained from individual therapy sessions with a Supreme Wellness Recovery practitioner can also enhance other treatments. By working closely with you to identify your personal challenges, we can spend more effort working on them.

What Happens in Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment?

Individual therapy typically happens in an office with just you and your therapist. During your first few sessions, the focus will be on getting to know each other, building trust, and identifying goals for treatment. Having a therapist that you can trust is essential for therapy to be effective at helping you reach your treatment goals, so make sure to address anything in therapy that makes you feel uncomfortable or wary.

After you’ve gotten to know each other, your Supreme Wellness therapist will work with you to determine your specific barriers to recovery and help you overcome them. This is a deeply personal experience, and no two therapy sessions are alike. The amazing part of individual therapy is that it is entirely personalized and catered to your specific needs.

Therapeutic Styles

Our therapists often utilize a standardized treatment style to help you achieve your goals. They can focus on one in particular or use several aspects while working with you in individual therapy.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a strategy that therapists at Supreme Wellness use to help determine a patient’s treatment goals. Rather than your therapist deciding what’s best for you, motivational interviewing emphasizes that our therapists are collaborators with you in your recovery and that often you know better than anyone else what you need to recover.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the leading therapeutic methods today. It has been thoroughly researched and proven to help people with depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and many other forms of mental illness.

CBT focuses on identifying troublesome thoughts and beliefs that can lead to unwanted behaviors and then challenging those beliefs. This challenging step is done through a process called “reframing.”

For example, somebody may have a mistaken belief that everything they attempt results in failure. A Supreme Wellness therapist uses the principles of CBT to provide counterexamples and persuade you that this belief is false. Then, when an intrusive negative thought occurs, our patients are taught to challenge that thought and reframe it in a more positive light.

Given enough time and practice, you may come to realize that your thoughts have been holding you back in life, and you may just come to adopt a different type of mindset.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy is based on CBT but incorporates the elements of mindfulness and acceptance. Originally developed to help treat borderline personality disorder, DBT is now widely used for various mental illnesses and is proving to be a very effective treatment style.

DBT focuses more on regulating your emotions and acknowledging that life isn’t always perfect, which can help you accept life on life’s terms. These tools can help people to begin building a better life for themselves and provide significant emotional relief.

Personalized Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Working with an individual therapist at Supreme Wellness can help you address the issues that affect you most. Our individual therapy program provides the most personalized approach to drug and alcohol recovery of any treatment style. We’ll create customized treatment options and encourage better results from other standardized therapies.

Individual Therapy at Supreme Wellness Recovery

Supreme Wellness Recovery emphasizes individual therapy in all of our treatment programs. We know that everyone has different needs, and individual therapy options are often the best to identify and work on them.

Our addiction recovery center in Bucks County, PA, accepts most major insurances and can help you start building a new life in sobriety today.


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Treat addictions together


A valuable source of support led by one or more psychologists and offering greater perspectives.

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Medication as a part of treatment


Medication-assisted treatments supplement existing behavioral health treatments for substance use disorders.

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Expressive tools & activities


Opportunities and experiences, like nature walks, meditation, and yoga, that open up new horizons for recovery.

Group therapy session

Easily accessible, highly effective


12-step programs help addicts and alcoholics achieve life-long sobriety by providing a spiritual connection and encouraging strong social support.

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Sensitive treatment solutions


Evidence-based curriculum designed to help individuals recover from the effects of trauma in their lives.

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Building stronger bonds


Maintaining and enhancing community connections through student assistance programs, workshops, presentations, and more.

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Youth support services


Structured intervention techniques provide adolescents with interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted in the workforce and community.

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Life-long wellness


Therapeutic services help client’s reduce cravings and focus on personal growth, restoring good health and promoting long-term success.

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