Young Adult Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Young adulthood is a time of gaining independence and building a life for yourself. Yet many people in emerging adulthood find themselves slipping into patterns of addictive behavior, engaging more with drugs and alcohol than they anticipated.

If this becomes a full-blown substance use disorder, finding a young adult substance use disorder treatment program can help you break these habits and create a better life in recovery. Supreme Wellness Recovery can help.

How Many Young Adults Are Addicted
in the United States?

In 2020, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration conducted a nationwide survey on drug use and health. The data collected shows alarming rates of substance use disorders among young adults:

  • 4% of people aged 18-25 met the criteria for substance use disorder
  • Nationwide, over 8 million young adults have a substance use disorder
  • Adults aged 21-25 have a higher rate of substance use disorder than any other age group
  • 6% of people in this age group are addicted to alcohol only
  • 8% are addicted to illicit drugs only
  • 7% are simultaneously addicted to alcohol and illicit drugs

The pervasiveness of substance use disorders in this population showcases the need for evidence-based treatment programs like Supreme Wellness Recovery.

Specialized Treatment for Young Adults

Our specialized treatment for young adults entails an environment and community tailored toward the specific needs and challenges of people 18-25 years old. We offer a peer support community with other young adults who understand exactly what you are going through and can offer strength and support on the path to recovery.

Having a peer group similar in age and experience can strengthen the recovery community at a treatment center, leading to better outcomes and an increased sense of belonging.

Young adults typically use illicit substances at much higher rates than other age groups. This can lead many to feel out of place and ostracized when attending a treatment facility with primarily older individuals, who tend to skew towards alcohol misuse. Supreme Wellness Recovery’s young adult treatment center provides a space where the peer group is more accepting and surrounds the treatment-seeker with a peer group that can truly empathize with their struggles.

Rates of mental illness among young adults are much higher when compared to older adults, with 30.6% of all people aged 18-25 meeting the criteria for at least one mental illness. In comparison, only 19.5% of people aged 26 or older have met the criteria for mental illness. Our specialized treatment program also includes dual-diagnostic care, which can further help young adults with mental illness and substance use disorder.

Disorders such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD can significantly contribute to addictive behaviors. Supreme Wellness Recovery believes these conditions must be treated alongside addiction in order to create the best possible environment for recovery.

Gender-Specific Programs

While there is nothing inherently wrong with relationships amongst young adults, the early period in recovery is a time to focus on improving yourself, not to seek emotional validation from others. That’s why we offer gender-specific programs for young adults.

These are typically the best choice for people entering recovery. Mixed-gender programs often face challenges with client fraternization, distracting the clients from recovery as they pursue romantic interests.

In addition, many people simply feel they can better address their issues in a gender-specific program. Whether due to trauma, cultural beliefs, or ingrained stereotypes, it’s sometimes simply easier to open up around people of your same gender.

For Young Men

Attending the men’s program at Supreme Wellness Recovery can help keep you focused on recovery and address several cultural beliefs that can dovetail with substance misuse.

In the United States, beliefs about masculinity can drive men to hide their emotions, solve their problems alone, and engage in dangerous substance use activities to appear courageous or unafraid. There’s nothing wrong with being masculine, but these cultural beliefs can become substantial barriers to recovery.

Some men may struggle significantly with these cultural beliefs, and others may reject them altogether. But Supreme Wellness Recovery finds processing how these social influences affect you with other men of your generation can go a long way towards building a path to recovery.

For Young Women

Programs for young adult women give them the space to address their issues and emotions without fear of judgment from the opposite sex. Women who have experienced trauma or abuse from men may not feel comfortable sharing their experience in a mixed-gender room, which could potentially interfere with their ability to process their emotions and get to the root of their addictive behavior.

Our gender-specific program for women allows young women to deal with cultural, sexual, and social issues that only women could understand.

Young Adults Program at Supreme Wellness Recovery

At Supreme Wellness Recovery, young men and women can achieve sobriety and much more. Our holistic program in Bucks County, PA, emphasizes treating the whole person rather than merely substance use.

Contact one of our addiction specialists to learn more about our evidence-based programs when you’re ready to start building a better life for yourself in recovery. Don’t let addiction be the end of your story. Reach out to our team today.


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Treat addictions together


A valuable source of support led by one or more psychologists and offering greater perspectives.

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Medication as a part of treatment


Medication-assisted treatments supplement existing behavioral health treatments for substance use disorders.

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Expressive tools & activities


Opportunities and experiences, like nature walks, meditation, and yoga, that open up new horizons for recovery.

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Easily accessible, highly effective


12-step programs help addicts and alcoholics achieve life-long sobriety by providing a spiritual connection and encouraging strong social support.

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Sensitive treatment solutions


Evidence-based curriculum designed to help individuals recover from the effects of trauma in their lives.

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Building stronger bonds


Maintaining and enhancing community connections through student assistance programs, workshops, presentations, and more.

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Structured intervention techniques provide adolescents with interpersonal skills necessary to be accepted in the workforce and community.

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Life-long wellness


Therapeutic services help client’s reduce cravings and focus on personal growth, restoring good health and promoting long-term success.

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