Group Therapy

When most people think about substance use treatment programs, they picture a group of people sitting in a room, discussing how they can best stay sober together. That image depicts group therapy, one of the most time-tested and evidence-based methods for helping people overcome substance use disorders.

At Supreme Wellness Recovery, group therapy is an important module in all of our addiction treatment programs because it’s proven time and again that it just works.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is when a group of people with a shared problem discusses their struggles, accomplishments, beliefs, and fears about recovery. With the help of a trained group counselor, these groups can provide a strong sense of support and social proof that recovery is possible.

In Supreme Wellness group therapy, the healing happens between group members themselves. Our counselor will provide structure and facilitate discussion, not provide individual therapy to each member.

Group therapy was invented for practical reasons. Therapists wanted to be able to help more people, but individual therapy was too expensive for most people to afford. Therapists reasoned that they could provide therapy to a group of people at once, cutting their costs and making treatment more accessible.

After beginning these groups, they found that group therapy was often much more effective than individual therapy for helping people overcome their struggles. People with shared experiences are better positioned to help each other than a therapist alone, as they can truly empathize with each other and share solutions that worked for them.

In addition, it puts the power back into the hands of the treatment participants. The source of healing is from themselves, not from an outside therapist, although our professionals are there to provide support every step of the way.

What Is the Purpose of a Treatment Group?

Treatment groups provide a space for people struggling with a common problem to work together to improve their lives. The combination of an empathetic group, a licensed professional counselor, and the opportunity to share difficult experiences and celebrate triumphs makes Supreme Wellness’s group therapy highly effective for helping people to overcome their addictions and learn to live sober.

What to Expect During Group Therapy

Group therapy isn’t as daunting as it seems. While it can be nerve-racking to meet with a group of strangers to discuss your problems, everyone you meet in group therapy at Supreme Wellness Recovery has shared the experience of being a newcomer to the group.

Group members are typically very welcoming, and you can ease into participating at the rate that you’re comfortable with. It’s common for people to discuss the following topics in group therapy at Supreme Wellness Recovery:

  • Struggles that they’ve had over the previous days
  • Concerns about upcoming events
  • Beliefs about recovery and what it means to them
  • Fears regarding their substance use
  • Coping methods and strategies for dealing with cravings, intrusive thoughts, or risky situations

When discussion strays off-topic from recovery, or there is a significant lull in the conversation, the group counselor may step in and guide the discussion in a new direction. Our role as “mediator” allows the group to stay focused on the task at hand and be of maximum benefit to all group members.

Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

The key benefits of group therapy include:

  • Meeting with people who truly understand your position
  • Providing social proof that recovery is possible
  • Learning that you are not alone in your struggles and that other people can help
  • Teaching lessons that can assist you in your future recovery
  • Giving people the opportunity to give back what they’ve learned about recovery to others

Many people believe that recovery is impossible for themselves. Group therapy is the perfect antidote to this mistaken belief, as it introduces them to people who have had the same problems and struggles who are successfully staying clean and sober.

In addition, group therapy is a great place to build a solid social support network based on trust and accountability. It’s extremely common for people to build relationships that last a lifetime with the people they meet in group therapy.

Sharing your experiences with others during difficult times, getting help when you need it, and giving back to others all contribute to building deep and meaningful relationships that can make all of the difference in your recovery.

Group Therapy at Supreme Wellness Recovery

At Supreme Wellness Recovery, group therapy is incorporated into all addiction treatment programs. We believe that the best treatments are the ones that are evidence-based and provide tangible relief for the symptoms of a substance use disorder, and group therapy is up to the task.

When you or a loved one is ready to begin the road to recovery, reach out to our team to learn about treatment in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our substance use treatment programs are in-network with most major insurance plans and can ensure that you start your new life in recovery on the right foot.


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